Automatic Transmission Servicing Christchurch

Transmission fluid, like all the fluids in your car, needs to be replaced regularly to keep your automatic transmission working well. Prevention is better than a cure, so to avoid expensive repairs to your Automatic Transmission call The Autoshop Christchurch to flush and change your transmission fluid.

Automatic Transmission Repairs Christchurch

The Autoshop Christchurch is a specialist Automatic Transmission repairer and rebuilder. Automatic Transmissions are a specialist field. If your regular mechanic has diagnosed an automatic transmission problem where rebuilding or repair is necessary have them call The Autoshop. We also diagnose Automatic Transmission problems and can do in-house removal, rebuild, and re-fitting.

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Not every workshop is equipped to carry out Automatic Transmission repairs and servicing. Call the experts at The Autoshop Christchurch today.


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